Bend Matrix JoyToy Intro

This is a lo-fi introduction to the Bend Matrix JoyToy, from 4ms Pedals, a sort of uber-gadget for circuit bent music making.

Two circuit-bent toys are directly wired to a Bend Matrix, which can sequence them as well as process MIDI in/out (MIDI not shown in this video).

The Bend Matrix JoyToy retails for $790.


The  Bend Matrix. Selectable 4×8 Matrix or Dual 2×4. Four analog real-time controls and 16 effects, MIDI in/out. Sixteen 1/4″ jacks, sixteen banana jacks (may be substituted for 1/8″ or RCA). Sixteen banks of 8 patches each, with sequencer and long-term memory.

Suitable for controlling circuit bent instruments, patching modular synths, routing effects/signals/video/etc. MIDI functionality can be custom programmed to your needs (note on/off, CC, pitchwheel)

via 4mspedals

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