Creating A Shepard Tone Using Ableton Live

Creating A Shepard Tone Using Ableton

Here is a quick rundown of one way to create a Shepard Tone style effect using a Ableton Live and Operator.

via cosmcosm:

This isn’t the perfect way to create a Shepard’s Tone, but it gives a good rundown of the type of process involved in creating such an effect.

This video can be downloaded in Hi Def from my main website,

The Ableton Live file that I created is also available from my website, so you can download and see for yourself.

More info on Shepard’s Tone can be found here

2 thoughts on “Creating A Shepard Tone Using Ableton Live

  1. You can create the a similar effect in Fl Studio and I had to double up the technique I used just like you. The 2x rule as you called it I guess. I noticed that One of my samples on pitch bend could travel through a greater spectrum when I was trying to automate it.

    So here's what I did. It's not hard and in Fl Studio there are a few ways to do it all with varying results however it worked.

    You need to makea 3x Osc Plugin (no preset), a Layer and a Fruity Keyboard Controller. Set the children of the layer to the 3x Osc and the Keyboard Controller. Then you map the pitch bend on the 3x Osc to the Fruity Keyboard and pick the preset "To pitch knob (Preset)"

    Now make a second Layer and a second Fruity Keyboard Controller, but no 3x Osc. In the second layer you need to make all of the previous channels it's children. Now set the pitch bend for that Layer controller to your new second Fruity Keyboard with the same same pitch to knob preset.

    I didn't so much follow the math of your procedure, but when you map the Keyboard Controller or any controller for that matter in FL, you can set the Mapping math formula yourself. Didn't know if people realized that. You can type in your own formula in the box. Further down the road there is also of course the Fruity Formula Controller. Might not need that much depth. I don't know how to set infinity.

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