How To Make A Pad With Synapse Toxic

How to Make Nice Pad with Synapse Toxic

via VstCafe:

In this tutorial, I would like to show how to create some nice, warm, dreamy pad. Again, I use great Subtractive / FM Synth – Synapse Toxic II. No other external effects used (well, I used limiter to avoid clicks).

At first, I activated 6 Oscillators very slightly fined / detuned to get some movement (you can hear it nicely when I tweak Osc 4 frequency). Then I started to tweak most of Toxic’s tools such as: 1x LFO, Filter + Envelope, Amp Envelope, Unison, Chorus, Delay, EQ and FM Matrix. Even without FM Matrix the sound seemed nice but with FM Matrix you can reach the exact sound you want.

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