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free-depeche-mode-iphone-appDepeche Mode has joined a growing number of bands offering free iPhone apps.

Their Sounds of the Universe (App Store link) is an Phone/iPod Touch application that lets you select from 8 sets of audio loops and make your own Sounds of the Universe mix.

Nine Inch Nails’ iPhone app is the most interesting band app that I’ve seen, but the new Depeche Mode app offers some fun, too, with a lower fan rabidity threshold.


With this application you are able to select from 8 sets of audio loops where you can make your own “Sounds of the Universe” mix by tapping the colored bars on the album artwork of Depeche Mode’s latest studio release Sounds of the Universe.

The application features never heard before audio loops from producer Ben Hillier and Martin Gore. All of the sounds and loops are from the recording sessions for Depeche Mode’s Sounds of the Universe.

3 thoughts on “Free Depeche Mode iPhone App

  1. That is pretty nifty, though wouldn't it be nice if they just released the loops instead?

    Oh well. Everyone jump on the iWagon(tm)!

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