Flame Clockwork Demo

This is an overview of the features of the Flame Clockwork Eurorack synthesizer module.

The Flame Clockwork is a shift clock/CV pulse generator for Moogerfoogers, Modular systems, Analog filters, Analog step sequencers etc.


  • Individual generator for experimental grooves
  • Easy sound machine on your analog filter
  • Create new patterns with analog steps equencer
  • Tool for modular systems and analog synth

More info on the Flame Clockwork can be found at the Flame site.

If you’ve used the Flame Clockwork, leave a comment with your thoughts!

via jamescigler

One thought on “Flame Clockwork Demo

  1. would have been nice to be able to hear some results of using the clockwork.
    I had my eyes on it for a few months already but still in doubt…..

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