Free Daft Punk Remix Album

remix-after-all-free-daft-punk-musicA group of music blogs have created a remix album for Daft Punk’s third album Human After All. The album is an unofficial remix album, and will be available as a free download starting May 20th.

Each blog chose one track from the album and then found a producer to remix the song.

The album will be available starting May 20th via the participating blogs:

1. Human After All —> Chosen by Disco Demons 2. The Prime Time Of Your Life —> Chosen by Data Sapiens
3. Robot Rock —> Chosen by The Cold Cut 4. Steam Machine —> Chosen by Cream Team 5. Make Love —> Chosen by Sheena Beaston
6. The Brainwasher —> Chosen by Danger! Danger!
7. On/Off —> Chosen by The Lemur Blog
8. Television Rules The Nation —> Chosen by Noise Porn 9. Technologic —> Chosen by Pretty Much Amazing
10. Emotion —> Chosen by Binary

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