Peaches’ F*** The Pain Away, As Sung By Miss Piggy

OT, NSFW: Peaches’s Fuck the Pain Away, as sung by Miss Piggy.

The Muppets will never be the same…..

via waambat:

There was an assignment in my class in which we were to give a short presentation on pretty much any subject. I decided to make a music video.

I tried to answer the questions in a comment reply but youtube is lagging and it won’t show up. I’ll answer them here:

This was made on a macbook pro 17″

I got an A++ on it, a 26/25

A classmate left a comment on It said “The professor loved this video in class, we were all rollin when she played this and I guarentee she got an “A+”. It was for a Concepts class”.

I didn’t get in trouble. Few subjects are taboo in the art classes at USF. 🙂

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  1. I recall cracking up to this some months ago, especially when she turns towards Kermit. A simple idea, executed clearly. I'd like to see more tutorials and guides on how to do a video mashup (whether the visuals are synced afterwards, or if the editor supports chopping clips with both audio + video).

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