The Malekko / Wiard Borg Filter

This demo video features the Malekko / Wiard Borg Filter, a modular synth filter designed by Grant Richter described as a cross between a Buchla low pass gate and a Korg MS-20 filter.

via bigcitymusic:

Here’s the first installment of a series of videos of the new Malekko / Wiard Borg and Boogie Filters.

The Borg is an incredible mutant module birthed in the mind of designer Grant Richter of Wiard. It’s a cross between a Buchla low pass gate and a Korg MS-20 filter. Thanks to Malekko Heavy Industry the module is now in Eurorack format and it sounds amazing!

We are sequencing a Cwejman VCO-2RM sine wave oscillator with an Analogue Solutions Oberkorn MkIII. The gate output of the sequencer is triggering a Plan B Model 10 Polyphonic envelope set to a really short pulse (really, really short). Using this type of envelope with a regular VCA would result in a click, no tone.

The Borg plays nice in this instance but the next video will show the meaner side of this beast. There’s actually a jumper you can remove from the back pcb which gives you an extra large helping of resonance.

The “Peaking BP” is actually a pot with a switch. In the off mode, fully CCW, the Borg is in VCA mode. When you start to turn it clockwise it begins to take on a whole new character. The knob at the right we’re adjusting is the CV input amount. This also has a big effect on the character of the low pass gate sound. Malekko Rocks!

P.S. The sweet blue LED does light with every trigger pulse. You just can’t see it because of the frame rate of the camera or something.

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