The Roland JX-3P Synthesizer

The Roland JX-3P synthesizer was Roland’s first MIDI synth. The Roland JX-3P is a 6-voice polyphonic, 61 key synthesizer with sawtooth, 50 and 10% pulse waveforms, and a noise generator. It uses a interval-timer DC) & the Roland IR3109 lowpass filter.


  • It has 32 factory programs and user memory for 32 programs
  • 128-step, six-part built-in sequencer that can be triggered by sync voltage from external devices such as the Roland TR-707 drum machine.
  • 2 DCO’s per voice
  • Chorus effect
  • 61-key keyboard
  • Compatible with Roland’s PG-200 programmer.

The Roland JX-3P Synthesizer was used by Vince Clark, Orbital, The Future Sound Of London, MSTRKRFT, Thomas Dolby and Harold Faltermeyer.


8 thoughts on “The Roland JX-3P Synthesizer

    1. From “Surprisingly, the JX-3P is MIDI equipped, in fact it was Roland’s first MIDI synth. However, its MIDI was limited to basic note on/off information only. Synths like the JUNO 106 had far better MIDI implementation. But the JX-3P also featured an on-board 128-step sequencer and came in a (slightly modified) rack-mount version called the MKS-30.”

      To JackSquat, the Jupiter-6 was Roland’s first synth to incorporate the full MIDI-1 instruction set. You two are both right, and both wrong. Call it a draw.

  1. If you watch closer you find out this midi case is uncertain because both synths were basically released at the same time (and afterall going for what matters most, although not so fat in basses, as an overall synth it's way better than the JP6,imo)

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