What’s Up With Beat Kangz Electronics?

Remember Beat Kangz and their new beat box/workstation, The Beat Thang, introduced at the 2009 NAMM Show?

Their site appears to be dead:


Here’s the text that used to be on the home page:

THE BEAT THANG is a powerful, portable music production station. Loaded with functionality, flexibility and futuristic funkiness, THE BEAT THANG boasts a unique combination of features, quality and style that are unsurpassed by any product in the music technology universe. Its simple, user-friendly interface and extensive features bring the fun back to beat making. For more info please visit our Products page.

Beat Kangz Electronics (BKE) is a Nashville-based musical electronics company managed and operated by a diverse group of innovative, talented and passionate professionals.

BKE was founded by The Beat Kangz, a collective of award-winning artists, producers, promoters and DJs, who understand both the technology and the needs of the urban and dance music community.

Anyone know the fate of The Beat Kangz and The Beat Thang?

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  1. I can report all is well with them and that it was indeed either a glitch or payment processing issue. You will be seeing more from them soon! If you check the page again, you'll see everything is working…

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