4 thoughts on “Pete Townshend’s Synth Secrets

  1. I was always wowed by the arps on "Teenage Wasteland", er, I mean… harder-to-remember-name "Baba O'Riley" which was, as its namesake indicates, inspired by Terry Riley. I don't think Townsend gets enough props as a synth pioneer since he's mainly associated with "rock", but he was definitely ahead of his proverbial time with concepts like the virtual-reality Lifehouse.

  2. omg I've been wondering how those spine tingling sounds were made ever since heard Won't Get Fooled Again on the radio, oh so long ago…..

  3. I thought, that the sequences were programmed in something like a step-sequencer, but now I realise, that I was wrong. I agree, Pete was a pioneer also in the way how he integrated synthesizers in songs. In many of his songs like “Baba O’Riley”, the lines of the synths are not only used as effects, they are the basic of the whole song. A very innovative and unique approach ..

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