Circuit Bent Synth Jam, With Electronic Wind Instrument

Sunday Synth Jam: spunkytoofer’s circuit bent yamaha tg33 vector synth and akai ewi 4000s is a circuit-bent synth jam, featuring Akai EWI.

Synth & patch details below.

via spunkytoofers:

circuit bent tg33 vector synth with akai ewi. the dave smith evolver is used to filter and amplify the tg33 synthesizer only.

the vector synth features a db25 breakout box that connects to the tg33 unit. approximately half of the 300 or so waveforms are circuit bendable so it is possible to stack traditional synthesizer waveforms with voices that are circuit bendable allowing you to morph from the known to the aleatoric landscapes , weird tones, sounds, and patterns as well as the bizzare responses from a circuit bent synth.

i just got done bending it and this is my first run through after setting up a patch.. but once i get that vector remapped to pedal controllers, now we’re talking.

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