Audioxygen Gemini VSTi

This is a demo of Audioxygen’s Gemini VSTi, a huge fat soft synth for Windows .


This Synthesizer combines a huge fat, analogue sound with unique step sequencers and radical distortion. It excels in Raging Techno baselines, Psy/Goa FX, Hardstyle screams, Shimmering pads, Massive Trance leads and much more.

Key features:

  • Huge, fat analogue sound with unique detuning algorithm.
  • Radical Resonance and Distortion behavior down to the lowest sub frequencies.
  • Unique dual step sequencers which can modulate each other for stunning sequences.
  • Super-easy to operate. Every knob turn really changes the sound, like Macro controls.

Yeah – they describe it as huge, fat and analogue twice, which is doubly redundant. Why? Because huge and fat go hand in hand with analogue, right? Especially when you use the UK spelling for analogue, which equals huge and fat.

They’ve got a free demo at the site, though, so check it out and let us know how huge, fat, radical and raging this virtual analogue bad boy can get.

Direct Download Gemini VSTi
E 19,-  / $25,-  / £17,-

via audioxygen

3 thoughts on “Audioxygen Gemini VSTi

  1. I was a little bit sceptical after all the marketing terms…
    But after trying the demo and turning the knobs I must admit it has a
    very strong own character.

    It uses some kind of oscillator distortion and detuning that a like a lot.
    (If it's analogue is another debate but I don't really care)
    Its presets contains nice agressive sequences, 'scream' like sounds etc.

    These sounds could defenitly end up in one of my tracks.

    But then again, I make techno / hardcore / breakcore; aka the harder styles 😉

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