JoMoX MBase 11 Analog Kick Drum Module

This is a video demo of the JoMoX MBase 11 Analog Kick Drum Module – a boutique synth module devoted to making kick drum sounds.

Note that this is not a drum machine, but an analog drum synth.

via bigcitymusic:

Just when you thought that a Jomox kick couldn’t have more attack the MBase 11 comes along!

This beast features a cool new metal noise parameter which can add a great little ping to the attack of the kick. The new version also adds a potentiometer dedicated for adjusting the kick’s sound-shaping parameters, making your tweaking faster and more convenient. The MBase 11 has all of the standard MBase features like user-savable preset slots, midi control of pitch for killer kick bass lines, built in LFO for modulation and more.

Welcome to the House of JoMox! No the screen doesn’t flash like this all the time. Just a video thing.

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  1. probably a silly question, but would i be able to manipulate the mbase 11 with something like a korg nanokontrol midi controller? would you recommend the nankontrol or do you think another midi controller would suit better? thanks for answering and keep up the excellent work

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