David Toop On Making Sounds

In this documentary, David Toop discusses his thoughts on sound and their role in music. Toop speaks about his  fascination with sound and how digital technology affects its creation and reception. He also explains the genesis of the ‘laptop orchestra’ as we see it in action during a recent workshop for new members.

Give it some time – Toop has some compelling thoughts on sound and music theory.

About David Toop

David Toop is a musician/composer, writer, and curator. He has written four books, currently translated into eight languages: Rap Attack (now in its third edition), Ocean of Sound (included in the Observer Music Monthly’s 50 Greatest Music Books Ever), Exotica (a winner of the 21st annual American Books Awards for 2000), and Haunted Weather. His first album, New and Rediscovered Musical Instruments, was released on Brian Eno’s Obscure label in 1975; since 1995 he has released seven solo albums.

Visiting Professor at the University of the Arts London, and Senior Research Fellow at the Sound Arts & Design Department of the London College of Communication, he completed an AHRC Research Fellowship in the Creative and Performing Arts in 2007. His project – Sound Body – was a three year study of digital technology and improvised music performance.

He also directs Unknown Devices: the Laptop Orchestra, a large improvising ensemble convened at London College of Communication.

David Toop – Making Sounds

Produced by Hannah Charlton & Matt Rooney
Directed by Barry Lewis & Emil Charlaff

Special thanks to:
London College of Communication
The Flying Lizards
The Unknown Devices Orchestra

Original compositions by David Toop

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