Free Space Music Music From Modulator ESP


Free Music Friday: Modulator ESP (Jez Creek) produces improvised experimental music using analogue and digital synthesis, analogue sequencers and processed sounds to create strange worlds of sound somewhere between ’70s space music, prog rock and dark ambient drone.

Creek has shared a large collection of his synth music at the Modulator ESP site. You can preview several of his tracks below.


Creek has this to say about his Modulator ESP project:

I decided to ‘form’ Modulator ESP as an outlet for my desire to produce improvisational electronic music. I compose my music using synthesizers, sequencers and samplers and spend far too much of my time on sound design. I am into a wide range of music from ambient electronica to thrash metal via all points between and tend to like weird or progressive stuff. I listen to music because it takes me away from the humdrum reality of everyday life and into new worlds of imagination. I play music so I can design my own new worlds. I am happy to include in my musical influences such diverse acts as Airsculpture, Dream Theater, IQ, Jean Michel Jarre, Radio Massacre International, Redshift, Tangerine Dream and Yes.

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