Free Synth, Felix, Inspired By Octave Kitten


Kriminal has released Felix, a free VSTi synth for Windows, inspired by the 1981 synth, the Octave Kitten.


  • 1 VCO (saw/tri/pulse) plus white noise generator
  • 1 LFO – sine/square/S+H
  • 2 SubOsc’s : square (-1 and -2 oct)
  • VCF – 4pole LP self oscillating filter
  • VCA – ADSR
  • 200+ Presets

Kriminal says:

The real powerful area of the Kitten was the modulation – the LFO / Sample+Hold routing to modulate the ADSR / VCO / VCF – it could produce many interesting effects and S&H sounds – ive tried to capture this in FELIX, as well as making it versatile in the normal spectrum of sounds.
thanks to Jonathan Styles for the ‘big knobs, and Michael Cavallo, Steven West, Shamanix, Luftrum, DLN and musicorner for patches.

Download here.

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