Indaba Music Console Like A Web-Based Garageband

Are you all ready for this?

Indaba has introduced a new JavaFX-powered digital audio workstation, Music Console, that’s like GarageBand for the Web.

Music Console lets you record and mix high-quality uncompressed audio directly with your browser and work both on and offline. The console features advanced web-based mixing and editing tools, real-time effects, and loops.

Features include:

  • Recording: High-quality audio recording directly to Indaba
  • Clips Library: Choose from hundreds of Creative Commons-licensed loops
  • Real-Time Effects: Chorus, reverb, EQ, flanger, and more!
  • Online/Offline Use: Use the console anytime, anywhere!

This is brand-spanking new, and Indaba is pushing the envelope of what you can do via the Web. So, they’re asking people to give the new Music Console a try and to give them feedback.

The site and service is free, with two paid versions available also: Pro ($5/month), and Platinum ($25/month).

If you give Music Console a try, leave a comment with your thoughts!

One thought on “Indaba Music Console Like A Web-Based Garageband

  1. Just looked into the pricing and it seems very fair. The free version doesn't give you the effects, clips library and ability to work offline. Will play with the basic version a little bit and report back.

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