Synthesizers Are Killing Drum Corps!!!!!

The drum corps tradition is dying. And synthesizers are to blame.

At least, that seems to be the point of this very odd video, 128 in G, by drumcorpsisdying.

Are synthesizers really killing off drum corps?

Or is it rat poison?

I’ve got no effin’ idea, but this video is pretty creepy and kinda makes me want to stay away from drum corps performances for the near future.

Give it a look and let me know what you think!

11 thoughts on “Synthesizers Are Killing Drum Corps!!!!!

  1. I have no idea what 'drum corps' are other than a guess that they're a bunch of people playing drums?
    Anyway, unless it's another video I'm linked to, that looks like a real interesting little production… an unusual mix of drama, sound and graphics. Rather more sophisticated than yer average YouTube effort. I like it!!

  2. synthhead,

    Most drum corps members would object to being called "marching bands". While there are some obvious similarities, drum corps evolved as an activity entirely separate from typical high school or college marching bands. The level of commitment on the part of the members and staff and performance standards are both orders of magnitude higher than most marching bands.

    Drum & Bugle Corps is a form of musical pageantry, performed on a football field. Instriumentation was historically limited to brass instruments pitched in the key of G (hence "bugle") and acoustic percussion.

    Several years ago, DCI, the cometitive governing body for most drum corps, passed a change in the rules allowed brass instruments pitched in other keys. A few years ago, they passed another rule change allowed electronic amplification — so long as the original sound was still acoustically generated.

    Last year, yet another rule change was passed that allowing synthesizers and other electronically-generated sounds. This rule change is quite controversial among membership and fans.

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