Get The Classic Mellotron Sound For 1$

Image: Omenie

Omenie Software has announced three new Mellotron-style instruments for the iPhone: Organtron, Synthtron & Stellaphone:

For some reason – and this is a total mystery to team Ellatron – people object to paying $2.99 for a whole Mellotron on their iPhone. I mean – it’s a *Mellotron* – on the iPhone – how cool is that? But in today’s freetard economy, if it ain’t 99c then a big pile of folks aint gonna buy it. In fact, even 99c would appear to be breaking the bank for some people. Makes you wonder how they could afford to buy the iPhone … but I digress.

So today sees the formal launch of 3 new Ellatrons. In classic App Store stylee they are “Ellatron Lite”, each has a 7 voice collection, and each is themed. Organtron is a tonewheel organ collection, all Deep Purply and fabtastic. Synthtron is a collection of synths, synth basses and Stellaphone, for those Space Oddity / Rolf Harris / Brett Domino moments. And finally, truest to the Mellotron spirit we have Orchestron, a selection of orchestral voices – these are the original “Ella” voices, so include Ellachoir, Ellastring etc.

Organtron, Orchestron and Synthtron are expected to be available in the iTunes Music Store by August 1st.

Note: These are subsets of Ellatron. If you already bought Ellatron there’s nothing to see here, move along now.

via the Synthtopia Flickr Group

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