Little Boot’s Remedy

Saturday Synth Porn: Little Boot’s Remedy sounds pretty mainstream but has enough synth riffs, retro-futuristic vibe and Tenory On goodness to recommend it.

According to Little Boots, “The song is about dancing and music being a remedy to some kind of poison in your life. I wanted to write a dark dance pop song a bit like Britney Spears’ Toxic. The lyrics are not really very personal, I was more imagining a situation.”

via BBC

2 thoughts on “Little Boot’s Remedy

  1. This is catchy! Her fashion reminds me of an alternate Lady Gaga.

    I like the relatively crisp stuttered saws. I'd like to hear this mashed up with Basement Jaxx's "Remedy"… oh wait, that's not a track, that's an album title. But the new Jaxx single, "Raindrops", is immensely produced AND has a video with kaleidoscopic effects too!

    [youtube 1ti5t88WJ3E youtube]

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