Coming Soon To The iPhone, A Gorgeous Psychedelic Ambient Experience

Here’s a video update from Glenn Marshall of his Zio generative music video application.

Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Marshall’s creating an application that creates generative visuals based on elements in the music that you’re listening too, along with your interaction with your iPhone or iPod touch.

Marshall explains:

It’s these concepts, if ‘nailed’, will allow endless generative animation, yet maintaining visual interest, surprise, non repetition, artistic sensibility, spatial and temporal variety, and a subtle sense of narrative and purpose. In short, something which seems alive and creating it’s own world, endlessly.

The music in this demo is my own, and I’m considering ’shipping’ it with the final app when it’s finished, you can of course disable this and play anything from your Ipod.

Also to be added are the interactive features, moving around, zooming in/out, and shaking the phone will randomise the colour scheme and growth features.

No release date has been set for Zio.

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