ThereMax V2 Theremin Demo

Theremax V2 theremin demo.

via djfeedback84:

The Theremin is considered the first fully electronic musical instrument.

Unlike conventional instruments, it allows performance without physical contact. The movements of the performer’s hands, detected by two antennas, control the pitch and volume of the generated sound. Through the use of digital signal processing (DSP), the ThereMax builds on this concept and introduces a number of innovations. The antennas for hand position detection are replaced by ultrasonic distance sensing.

All the signals involved are processed digitally, a distinct advantage in terms of versatility. Not only can different sound synthesis algorithms be programmed directly on the instrument but also it can be easily connected to other digital sound synthesis or multimedia devices; a MIDI interface was included for this purpose. The ThereMax also features translucent panels lit by controllable RGB LED devices. This makes it possible to specify sound-colour mappings and create multimedia effects in the spirit of the legendary Ocular Harpsichord by Louis Castel. This is the second version of the ThereMax.

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