The Roland SH3 Synthesizer

The Horrorist, Oliver Chesler, explores the sound of the Roland SH3:

The Roland SH3 was produced in 1974. It is more rare than the SH3A which was put into the market after Moog sued Roland for the original SH3’s filter design. This is one reason the Roland SH3 sounds so incredible.

Rumor has it that less than 100 of these were ever made.

Shot in my Berlin, Germany recording studio.

Parts 2 & 3 below.

3 thoughts on “The Roland SH3 Synthesizer

  1. Roland changed their filter design to avoid being sued. Same as Arp.
    Moog never sued either company.
    Another false rumor is that the SH3/3a was entirely discrete with no ICs.
    That is also completely false. Both models have many ICs.
    I'd say more, but I'm busy looking for the edge of our "flat Earth" and Obama's Kenyan birth certificate.

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