12 thoughts on “iPhone Synth Keyboard Concept – MI-Control

  1. Ooohhhh, I'd be interested and I don't even own an iPhone or iTouch yet. In fact I've waiting to see if an item like this would become available since I can't really see using the touch screen to play a keyboard representation. However, lots of great music and software have come out for this product and it seems like this would be a natural extension.

  2. Sign me up. I have been dreaming about this for the last year or so. Apps like Noise.io Pro and MegaSynth/MiniSynth could benefit greatly. The iPhone has become a powerful platform for creating music but with one massive drawback, the touch screen is not an intuitive replacement for the black & whites.

  3. I would buy it with no questions asked. I love iphone music software. That would be amazing to have. It would be sweet to have a 16 pad version, or even add 16 pads to that keyboard and you got something that you could create some serious tunes with.

  4. Ian

    This design concept looks hot to me – but you're right about the obsolescence problem.

    As popular as 8-bit music is now, though, we may need to get beyond the idea that new gear makes your old gear obsolete.

  5. Yeah, I was kind of thinking that too. I guess you could always keep an old iPhone for any gear you really liked.

    Course, then you get into issues of whether you can still download a 10 year old iPhone app in any form that is still functional on an archaic version of the iPhone. If the program has been updated for whatever the new iPhone is capable of, there's a certain point where not supporting the old phones makes more sense than less. Hopefully that takes a long time to happen.

  6. A couple of problems strike me about this design.

    1) it's only setup for portrait mode apps. Many (most) music apps work better or only in landscape mode.

    2) it would make it very difficult to use things like shake gestures.

  7. Actually, make the iPhone part be landscape mode AND have a strap. iPhoneKeytar! Then you'd have a "neck" to do various things on while you were able to also play the keys.

    Besides that, any app that wanted to support the hardware would have to be updated, so they could add views that were for "performance mode" or whatever they thought was warranted for being used with something like this.

  8. Yep, I was searching for one and found this link. Just keep the price point reasonable and I will take one. I have 5 or 6 synths on my iPhone that I would love to be able to control externally.
    Agree with the above about Landscape position.

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