Computer Music Magazine: Calvin Harris Is A Pervert

Remember Calvin Harris’s Humanthesizer video?

It’s predictably going viral, moving towards 100,000 views since it was released yesterday.

And, just as predictably, Harris is getting criticized for being sexist for his use of bikini-clad models.

Computer Music magazine goes further, though, calling Harris a “synth pervert”:

We’re all for experimentation here at CM, but we can’t help feel that synth geek Calvin Harris had something more that technological innovation on his mind when he performed this suspiciously tight-sounding version of his latest single using what can most accurately be described as a workstation keyboard made out of young model types.

We’ve criticized companies in the past for advertisements that are blatantly sexist. For example, when Image Line introduced Deckadance with a shot of a woman’s butt in a thong, we asked if it was the most offensive gear ad ever.

Calling Harris a “synth pervert”, though, is over the top, to the point of being potentially libelous.

I’m not really a fan of Harris’s music, but his video is going to do more to expose Max/MSP, Arduinos, conductive ink & the idea of incorporating the human body into electronic music instruments than anything more “serious” artists have come up with.

What do you think? Does Harris’s video qualify him to be called a “synth pervert”? Or do some electronic music bloggers just need to get out a bit more?

18 thoughts on “Computer Music Magazine: Calvin Harris Is A Pervert

  1. Whats wrong with being a synth pervert? I hope one day I could be labelled as a synth pervert.

    At the moment, i'm just a pervert with synths. :/

  2. As a massive fan of Harris's, I can say that he's no more a pervert than any rapper or R&B artist currently in the music industry. While he insinuates being a ladies' man in "All The Girls," and the video for his newest single "Ready For The Weekend" features numerous bikini clad women, it is absolutely over the line of sanity to say that Harris is even 1/10th the pervert of many, MANY others in the music or even electronic industry (Benny Benassi, anyone???).

  3. From the context, Computer Music seems to consider Harris to be a pervert that happens to be involved with electronic music.

    That's different than being a synth freak (someone with a healthy interest in synth porn).

    And the answer to your question is, unfortunately, probably yes…..

  4. This is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah! Never in all my born days would I have thought it. A young man arranging to be in the presence of attractive scantily clad young women! What is the world coming to? And then he touches their hands with his! Sweet lord. And what are those young women thinking? Do they not realise someone might look at them? Ye gods and little fishes!

  5. well, at least the ugly ones get to watch ;-p
    Oh, and, Calvin's a fellow Scot and Serge was handsome in the same way as… hmmm… not sure how I'd describe his looks: lairy drunk, perhaps? Fantastic guy but sexy like Charles Bukowski, maybe 🙂

  6. The thing that annoyed me about it is that when he was demonstrating the rig, the timing was completely sloppy, but when the track started it was perfectly quantized. I'm more offended by the dishonesty of miming the actual song than having girls in bikinis.

  7. I questioned that, too.

    Do you think that they choreographed it carefully to get it that tight, or do you think that they just "dance-synced" along to a tight track?

  8. This is stupid, it’s just a video. This country is getting more and more pathetic with equal rights ect. It’s only a video, it’s not like they are naked!

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  10. I love Calvin Harris' tongue in cheek take on life and his tunes so for me he can do what he wants in his videos as always entertaining. Some people will moan about pretty much anything so he shouldn't take any notice of the sensitive bloggers and just get on and do his thing.

    Vote Calvin!

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