Kraftwerk Reissuing 8 Of Their Classic Albums

Seminal electronic band Kraftwerk have announced plans to reissue 8 of their classic albums with the release of 12345678: The catalogue .

Eight of the band’s albums will be repackaged, including:

  • Autobahn (1974)
  • Radioactivity (1975)
  • Trans Europe Express (1977)
  • The Man Machine (1978)
  • Computer World (1981)
  • Techno Pop (1986)
  • The Mix (1991)
  • Tour de France (2003)

The collection will be available as eight individual CDs, eight individual vinyl sleeves, a CD box set, or as a digital download.

Yum! Let’s hope there are some goodies thrown into the mix.

via the quietus

2 thoughts on “Kraftwerk Reissuing 8 Of Their Classic Albums

  1. It seems that they only changed its name, but the album is Electric Cafe. Bad idea in my opinion. It's a lost opportunity to release the original "Techno Pop" album from 1983.

  2. Its all great and good re-releasing the back catalogue ,but i very much look forward to a new album being released. Kraftwerk dont make enough albums,they are too good not to do any new music, i bet they have loads of stuff in the studio that has never seen light of day.

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