MetaSynth 5 For OS X


U&I Software has released MetaSynth 5, an electronic music studio for Mac OS X.

MetaSynth is not intended to be a soft-synth or plug-in. It is a complete sound design and electronic music composition environment with six “rooms “that you can use to create and process sounds in a variety of paradigm-smashing ways.

MetaSynth 5 Features:

  • MetaSynth 5 is universal binary, multi-threaded and fully Leopard-compatible.
  • Recording available in both Sample Editor and Montage Room.
  • 32-bit floating point sound buffers and 64-bit floating point math for all audio operations.
  • Full support for .caf and .wav files. – MetaSynth 5 can read and write .aif, .sd2, .caf and .wav files in all rooms.
  • Add output device selection to Preferences. – MetaSynth no longer uses the default output device chosen in Audio MIDI Setup. MetaSynth now allows the selection of any available output device.
  • Files can be saved at up to 32-bit resolution.
  • Much longer sounds can be loaded and created than previously.

MetaSynth retails for $599.

If you’ve used MetaSynth, leave a comment with your thoughts!

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