DCAM Synth Squad

FXPansion has introduced DCAM Synth Squad – a software synth designed to capture the satisfaction of playing real analogue instruments in software.

At the heart of DCAM: Synth Squad are 3 modeled synthesizers – Strobe, Amber and Cypher. They combine the best features from legendary machines with new and exciting ideas to drag them kicking and screaming into the modern world.

DCAM: Synth Squad retails for USD 249, EUR 189, GBP 157 excluding taxes where applicable.

More videos are available at the FXPansion YouTube page.


Oscillators ooze immense sound pressure, amp stages can be overloaded for extra grit, and real-world chaos can be dialed into the circuit for delicious instability. These synths don’t break with extreme settings, so you can abuse them just like the real thing. Meanwhile, the intuitive TransMod modulation system brings your sounds to life in new and expressive ways.

Fusor, a versatile sound-design environment that can layer and keysplit 3 instances of the DCAM synths, is also included. It provides a variety of ways to add new dimensions to your sounds with high-quality FX, extra modulation and an advanced step-sequencer/arpeggiator.

One thought on “DCAM Synth Squad

  1. i bought it in the first week and have been very impressed. hopefully it will fit into the new album i am working on.
    the presets are not musical, but work as good start points.
    this is as close to analog as i have ever heard from soft synths, honestly…. but you need a mighty pc to run the monster synths to their potential
    in one word : EXCELLENT

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