Goldie Interview

This interview with Goldie is part of a series created by the Red Bull Music Academy.

Metalheadz, London, UK


Yes, yes, James Bond. Yes, yes, EastEnders. Screen fame to the side for one minute please, because this is Goldie we’re talking about. Goldie whose 1992 Terminator introduced time-stretching and galvanized the ranks of UK producers at a time where only a handful of dedicated rave junkies like the bleep kings of Sheffield or renegade outfits like Shut Up And Dance and 4Hero were building their own tunes. The one-time graffer was designer and A&R for Reinforced Records whilst releasing speaker-shaking standards like Killa Muffin and Dark Rider as Rufige Cru. By 1994 he was well in his stride, spearheading major junglist talent on his Metalheadz label and fronting one of the best clubs of that decade, the Metalheadz Sunday Sessions at The Bass Clef, in London’s then-derelict Old Street ends. Goldie was the face of jungle, presiding over its golden period and he’s still at it: 2008 he followed Andy Weatherall with the latest of Harmless Record’s Watch The Ride compilations. All the junglists say big up, big up!

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