100 Ways To Make Noise And Avoid Meeting Women

Here’s 2:53 seconds of glorious, HD synth action, taken at the recent Trash_Audio Synth Meet 3, held Sunday, Aug 16th:

Surachai notes:

We saw the entire range, from noise boxes to full on modular systems in plenty of different formats. If it makes noise, we’re into it.

It looks like the event was a great synth meetup.

Unfortunately, meetups like these still appear to be a guaranteed way to avoid any chance of meeting women involved in music. Or as Stringbot notes, “Who forgot to invite the girls?”

If you’ve got any ideas on how synth meetups could be made more inclusive, leave a comment with your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “100 Ways To Make Noise And Avoid Meeting Women

  1. Maybe the gentler sex would be more concerned with producing MUSICAL sounds from the boxes, so this is simply not the meet for them… Plus, women are less qualified when it comes to drinking beer, breaking wind, and looking like they slept in their tee shirts. No disrespect to them intended.

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