Tara Busch Remixes Tori Amos


Analogsuicide‘s Tara Busch snagged a couple of remix jobs for Tori Amos, and she plans to document the process with a series of videos.

It’s a cool opportunity for Busch, and will be an interesting opportunity for fans of retro synths and remixing to follow along with Busch’s work.

via tarabusch:

Tori gets the Tara Busch and Analogsuicide treatment. Tori Is probably my favorite artist of all time so I don’t really have to mention what a privilege it is to be asked to remix her music.

3 thoughts on “Tara Busch Remixes Tori Amos

  1. whatever that gadget was at the end its was pretty sad u might as well taking a tape recorder and played the vocals through a fan just plain garbage

  2. You may want to see what she ends up doing with that – Busch seems to be attracted to sounds and effects that give things a murky or mysterious quality.

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