Yamaha CS70m Kenton MIDI Retrofit Group Buy

Analog Sweden has announced a group buy for a Yamaha CS70m Kenton MIDI Retrofit:

You now have the opportunity to get a Yamaha CS70m Midi retrofit by Kenton Electronics UK. It will be a redesign of the Kenton kit that was discontinued due to parts availability quite some years ago.

Scroll down to the end of the document to read the specifications.

This is a group buy, which means that we need at least 10 prepaid orders to start the production. Production and distribution will be approx 8 weeks.


349 UK pounds + VAT which needs to be paid in advance to Analog Sweden. If we don’t reach 10 prepaid orders by the 1st of October 2009, your money will be promptly returned. Shipping cost not included.

Ordering & Questions

Use the contact form here

October 1, 2009

The kits are not intended for installation by the end user. They should always be fitted by an experienced synth engineer. The kits are built and tested before dispatch. DIY-kit NOT available. Analog Sweden can do the installation.

We at Analog Sweden have had a few enquiries about CS70m retrofits, so we got in touch with Kenton to investigate the possibilites for a new production run. Kenton wanted to have a group order to start the production, and here we go.

One thought on “Yamaha CS70m Kenton MIDI Retrofit Group Buy

  1. Hi , I own a CS70M Yamaha with a midi kit that has been disconnected by a technician because it’s seem to create troubles to the synth .

    (The problem is that there’s no sound on several keys when I turn the Cs ” on” .. it come’s back later or not , it depends.., now the midi kit is off , and I still miss sound on certain notes or I have a BIG Unison chord all notes together , in the same time .., turn off and on again , synth seem to be ” quiet” ..)

    For you, where is the problem and is it possible to reconnect the midi kit and cancelling this bug..?

    Thks for help ,

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