MIDIbox Sequencer V4 Sneak Preview

The MIDIbox.org site reports that MIDIbox Sequencer version 4 will be released “soon”.

The rather tasty demo above previews version 4 in a beta state. Details on the demo below.

MIDIbox is an open source hardware platform for making MIDI sequencers and controllers.

MIDIbox Sequencer Version 4 Demo

[0:00] The electronic harp is played by Sculpture (part of Logic Audio) – a Physical Modelling Synth which I really like!
[0:00] MBSEQV4 plays the 16-step sequence with a new “step progression” feature: on each 4 step interval, the step is triggered twice. In addition, a customized groove template is applied on the velocity to accent the notes based on the master measure. This results into a more complex sequence which varies on each beat, but still sounds nice and not too random!
[0:01] to understand the “step progression” feature watch the GP LEDs – they are stopping each 4th step
[0:11] an Echo Fx is added with 64T delay. Note value is increased by +3 and forced to scale
[0:17] an additional VST synth is added which gets use of the new “step progression” feature as well
[0:21] Echo Fx: temporary increased to 6 repeats with +3 Note Value and +150% delay on each echo – let’s scrub the harp!
[0:31] adding drums
[0:41] adding more synth lines, again with “step progression” to vary the sequence
[1:04] adding a chord sequence played by MIDIbox SID V2 (a typical arpeggio patch is used)
[1:48] probably you haven’t noticed it due to the bad video quality, but I switched to another pattern which plays the electronic harp at C-3 on each step – the groove template is still enabled (boring?)
[2:05] now something completely different: a LFO is applied on the harp sequence with sine waveform and an interval of 4 steps. Force-to-Scale is enabled
[2:07] the LFO also sends a CC to Sculpture to vary the timbre.
[2:13] adding Echo Fx (1 repeat, 64ppqn delay, +150% tick) to this “modulated sequence”
[2:19] changing LFO waveform to Triangle
[2:31] changing LFO waveform to Sawtooth
[2:36] changing Echo Fx to 6 repeats
[2:46] slowly changing LFO the period to 16 steps (enjoy the change-over effects!)
[2:52] slowly changing LFO reset to 16 steps (enjoy the change-over effects!)
[3:00] changing LFO waveform to Sine, play drums again
[3:14] changing LFO waveform to Triangle
[3:21] changing CC offset of LFO
[3:33] unmuting the other instruments
[3:56] switching back to original sequence (my favourite moment 😉
[4:16] muting/unmuting the toms…
[4:30] slowly muting the tracks
[4:40] thanks for listening! 🙂

This track is the result of a rainy saturday afternoon.

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