Moby’s Birthday Is Going To Way Be Better Than Yours

scarlett-johanssonHere’s something cheery for all the Moby-haters out there – news it’s Moby’s birthday – and that Moby’s birthday is going to be way better than yours.

First off, there’s the presents:

  • a poem about tacos
  • some pleasant quasi-soft-core porn
  • a book about tea production
  • a vegan cassoulet (a french dish normally made from sausages and pig fat)
  • Reading through loads of  ‘happy birthday!’ emails

Not sure about the taco poem – but it’s probably by Beck or something.

Then he’s off to have lunch with Jean Michel Jarre, to chat about how to deal with piles of cash and what to do with all those promotional synths that companies give them.

Next up, it’s time to hang out in Paris with Scarlett Johansson.

Not bad for a “weird bald guy“, eh?

via Moby

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