Drum Synthesis With Plan B Modular Synthesizer Modules

This video offers an audio demo of drum synthesis using Plan B modular synthesizer modules.

Patch details below.

via bigcitymusic:

Plan B offers some alternative modules to your everyday “East Coast” style modules. In this patch we’re using a multitude of different modules, including some Cwejman and Analogue Systems.

The heart of this patch is the incredible sounding Model 13 Dual Timbral Gate. The M13 is in fact a low pass gate which is basically a cross between a low pass filter and a VCA. This is what gives us the beautiful, drum-like decay to the random pulses. The actual envelope is super short but the vactrols in the circuit ring longer.

We’re also using some random voltages in here. The Model 24 Heisenberg Generator is basically a sample and hold module, well, two of them really. The bottom section of the M24 allows you to move to the next random voltage when it receives a trigger or gate pulse. The Plan B Model 15 oscillator and the Cwejman VCO-6 are our sounds sources, each having it’s frequency modulated at a high rate. This is what gives you the hand slapping sound that a typical hand drum would have.

The Plan B Model 17 is also being used to great effect. The Triple Event Timer senses how high the voltages coming in are. There are three pots to set the threshold, deciding when a pulse is allowed through.

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