Switched Off Bach – Invention #4

(Bach) Switched Off Bach / Invention #4 / SH-1000 vs SH-2000

via btpro:

The Joy of the Preset-Synthesizer. First battle is Roland SH-1000 vs SH-2000!I like Preset-Synthesizer. An engineer made sound with analog technology at the time without the sampling technology.It was often that I heard a sound different from the displayed name in them.

I often thought “Is this the sound of the piano?”.

But I can imagine a desperate face of the engineers who are going to make a genuine sound with an analog circuit.

It is very exciting/humorous for me.

Roland SH-1000 is Japanese first synthesizer and SH-2000 is Preset-synthesizer for organist.I

love them!

Please enjoy!

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