Using The Malekko / Wiard Noisering As An Oscillator

This demo video looks at using the Malekko / Wiard Noisering as a modular synthesizer oscillator.

via bigcitymusic:

Designed by Grant Richter of Wiard and built by Malekko Heavy Industry, the Noisering rocks!

Use it as a clock, noise source, oscillator, cv source and more. This is a really fun module with lots of potential and tons of features packed in.

Here we’re using the Noisering as an oscillator. It doesn’t track one volt per octave exactly but that doesn’t really matter for this type of patch. We’re using the Analogue Systems rs200 sequencer to control the “Ext Rate” input. The first sound is output one of the Noisering running into the Borg Filter in low-pass gate mode, triggered by the Analogue Systems rs60 EG module. The second sound is output number 2, and yes they are very different sounding outputs!

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