Modular Synthesizer Live Tweaking

Patch details below.

via davidryle:

Arrick Modular live recording of a patch.

Heart of the patch is of two sets of Q117 S&H and Q118 Instrument Interfaces fed off of one Q110 Noise Generator. Instrument Interface’s were output to two Q961 Interface modules for long gates, then routed to two Q128 Switches to select a control voltage for the oscillators from the Q960 Sequential Controller stages.

This created a random combination of two pitches for each step from the sequencer even though the control voltages were still tuned. Some of the voltages were sent to more than one oscillator which in turn fed either soft sync or low frequency oscillators. Some oscillators were sent through a Q116 Ring Modulator. A Q105 Slew Limiter modified one oscillator for down glide pitch modulation.

Yves Usson Gate Delay (STG Soundlabs) module was used for late timings and slew into a couple of oscillators for some of the background effects.

Three filters were used. A STG Soundlabs Sea Devils Filter, a Q107 State Variable Filter and a Q150 Transistor Ladder Filter. Four envelope generators, two mixers, four amplifiers, a distributor, a multiple and a Pan/Fade module rounded out the patch modules.

Two Behringer DD400 digital delay units were used in line with some of the oscillators, and a Lexicon MX200 was used for final delay.

The last few seconds were a fade in of the drone oscillator used in the background without the sequencer running. Audio mixed in Cubase 4 by Steinberg and the video edited in iMovie by Apple.

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