Tomorrow’s World Looks At The Moog Synthesiser

This video captures a historical look at the future of music – a BBC Tomorrow’s World episode that looked at the Moog modular synthesizer.

via Synthasy2000:

In this report from a longer programme, Derek Cooper introduces the Moog synthesiser, an instrument that can produce a variety of noises and arrangements, both mimicking real instruments and creating new sounds, all electronically.

Did you know?

Developed by Dr Robert Moog, the Moog synthesiser evolved from a kit known as a Voltage-Controlled Electronic Music Module, which Moog demonstrated in prototype form in 1964. The first production models emerged in 1967, accompanied by a sample record of music composed by Walter Carlos (later Wendy Carlos, after her sex-change operation in 1972).

It was Carlos’s 1968 album ‘Switched-On Bach’ that catapulted Moog-produced music into popular culture, though examples of music made on the synthesiser had already been released by The Doors, The Monkees and Simon & Garfunkel, among others.

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  1. nice vid would love to have ones these but use vst software and love it would love to have a modular system a bug brand would bee nice but that douche apparently has a selective few he sells his modules too o well

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