The Acidlab Miami Drum Machine

This is a demo of the Acidlab Miami, a new analog drum machine based on the Roland TR-808.

Information on the Miami drum machine is available at

via redmartian:

Just got the Acidlab Miami (An enhanced clone of the Roland TR-808) and made a short demo.

The arpeggio is played on a Roland Jupiter-4 triggered by the Miami,

The bass is played on a rev 1 Prophet-5.

The chords are played on a rev 1 Prophet-5.

3 thoughts on “The Acidlab Miami Drum Machine

  1. It sounds cool and all – very sweet and analog and $$$. I just wonder if this is a style that needs to be redone. I feel like I'm listening to the soundtrack fro BevHillsCop23. Maybe some kids want to relive the 80s, but not me, thanks. I want to hear something dark and upsetting with this equip. That prophet sounds real good at the end, though.

  2. Some things just never go out of style..such is the case with analog synths like the minimoog and the prophet, and suck is the case with roland’s TR-808.

    We’ll be using these sounds til the cows come home.

    And what is wrong with “beverly hills cop”? I’d take “Axel F” over any music made in the last 18 years!


  3. great jam! i just got one of these yesterday for under a grand used. it sits next to my 999, uses a lot less space than 808+909, delivers the goods and has potentially wider spectra. My only point against m1am1 is the button-press combo needed to select each instrument – which can be hard to see in low light, and some people may not be able to make the stretch one-handed. i’d also prefer chunkier step buttons; a bit too MFB 52x-esque – they must have munchkin fingers. Otherwise it’s built solid, and sounds spot-on within 1-2% of the original’s sound.

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