Clear Plexiglass Sequential Circuits Pro-One

Image: rolandmks7

Saturday Synth Porn: This 1982 ad featured a clear plexiglass Sequential Circuits Pro One analog synthesizer.

Anyone know if there are any clear plex Pro-Ones around anymore?

via the Synthtopia Flickr Group

7 thoughts on “Clear Plexiglass Sequential Circuits Pro-One

  1. Sadly, the clear plexi Pro-One was only a marketing gimmick. Dave Smith has confirmed to me that it was a non-working one off that was only for display at the NAMM show back in 81 or 82. I asked him if there would be clear mophos or tetras, and he confirmed in the negative. Which is sad, cause this one would drive trainspotters crazy on stage.

  2. If the plexiglass panels are all flat, and not formed in curves, then this would be easy to make with a laser cutter (we have one here in Seattle with plenty of plexi stock). Considering that Synthwood makes Pro-One cases out of (flat) wood pieces, it seems simple to create. Of course, blue or RGB LEDs would be a must.

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