Motion Samples’ Galactic Atmosphere Sample Library

galactic-atmosphere-sample-libraryMotion Samples has introduced Galactic Atmosphere, a new space music sample library:

Motion Samples presents the sounds of Galactic Atmosphere featuring 36 scores of synthesizer strings and pads created for film scoring projects in the themes of space, mystery, psychedelic, science, technology, electronic and other enigmatic themes.

The scores are arranged by tempo from 60-100 bpm and duration times from 40 sec to 2 min, providing a wide selection of ideas to fit you scene.

This collection is also great for creating electronic and world music.


  • 36 Wav Files, 40 sec – 2 min
  • 60-100 bpm
  • License C (TV/Film), details here

Galactic Atmosphere retails for $35 USD.

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