Work For Ableton, Make Ableton Live 9


Want to help create Ableton Live 9?

Ableton is looking for experienced and motivated people for the following positions:

  • Application Developer (f/m)
  • Python Developer (f/m)
  • Web Developer (f/m)
  • Studentische/r Mitarbeiter/in in der Applikationsentwicklung
  • Studentische/r Mitarbeiter/in im Bereich DSP-Entwicklung
  • Communications Professional (m/w) PR/Texte/Übersetzungen/ DEUTSCH (freiberuflich, ca. 16 Stunden/Woche)
  • Interface Designer (f/m)
  • Ausbildung zur/zum Kauffrau/-mann für Bürokommunikation ab Februar 2010

10 thoughts on “Work For Ableton, Make Ableton Live 9

  1. maybe ableton will provide a websolution or something like that and for that python will be an option

    afaik (they mentioned it in a video on their website)
    ableton is divided in 3 basic components
    – assembler
    – c++,
    – phython

  2. Built a kind of Melodyne polyphonic tool in it that is easier to work with then melodyne.

    And develop a too, to emulate a voice of artists so that you can make your own song in a tect editor and with midi notes you can put the preset voice onto this text with thge midi lenth of notes and dynanmics, formats etc. That would be a new revolution that you can use say the voice of Madonna and make your own songs with it.

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  3. l o l, synthetic singing aren't even anywhere close to making a normal singing voice not to mention it's not really the ableton team's focus to develop such a thing

  4. Actually Ableton is probably one of the most stable and efficient of the DAWs. There is a reason why it is used by tons of artists not only for exploring ideas or producing songs, but also in live performances (hence the “Live” after Ableton).

    I have used several DAWs through the years and I personally prefer Ableton for music production.

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