Soundation Studio Like Garageband In Your Web Browser


Look familiar?

PowerFX Soundation Studio is like Garageband 1.0 – except that it isn’t a Mac app.

Instead, it’s the latest example of browser based music software. In this case, Soundation is a virtual studio that runs your web browser.

Click here to try it out now.

Here’s what PowerFX has to say about Soundation:

Soundation Studio is the web based sequencer that enables you to make music, ringtones and audio clips directly from the internet without downloading any software. This beta version includes over 400 royalty free audio loops, 9 different effects, track automation, basic loop editing, loop audition, master channel control and mix down to desktop.

Soundation won’t be stealing Logic or Sonar’s thunder anytime soon.

But Soundation may be good enough to let people discover the benefits of working with a browser-based virtual studio.

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