Novation AutoMap 3.3

Novation has released Automap 3.3 for Mac OS X and Windows.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Logic 9.01 improvement.
  • Revised RTAS wrapper to allow plug-in updates.
  • Nocturn Keyboard enhancements.
  • Updated DAW set-up guides improvements.

Download here.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue with keyboard settings with SL MkII and Nocturn Keyboard.
  • Fixed display issue with dynamic port menu with SL MkII and Nocturn Keyboard.
  • Fixed issue with quitting Automap while using Logic 9.01.
  • Fixed issue with updating RTAS plug-ins with new wrapper system.
  • Fixed issue with dual mono RTAS plug-ins on Pro Tools HD.
  • Fixed problems with updating Automap template when memory protect is set to on.
  • Fixed issue with encoder 2 and mod wheel clash with Nocturn Keyboard.
  • Updated Novation Automap Control.remotemap for Reason/Record.
  • Added iPhone HUI mapping as default.
  • Added mappings for Pro Tools native plug-ins and Logic 9.01 native effects.

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