Nice Subtractive Synthesis Piano Patch

Luca Capozzi’s Modular Piano is an acoustic piano simulation created using traditional subtractive synthesis.

Details below.

via zioaxiom:

While programming my first library I ran into the need to have an acoustic piano sound. Since I don’t have a real piano to sample, I decided to synthesize it from scratch using “traditional” subtractive synthesis technique.

This is my first good result and has been achived only by using basic oscillators, filters and so on. The only downside is the limited polyphony due to heavy CPU usage, so I sampled almost every key and mapped them into a sampler in order to make this sound more usable.

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6 thoughts on “Nice Subtractive Synthesis Piano Patch

  1. Really decent piano sound. However, the reverb and the EQ and the multi-sampling (though skillfully implemented) probably play a huge part in creating the realism, too. It would be the most interesting to see the process of how he created the patch.

  2. Very nice – Of factory programmed analog, acoustic pianos, I think the Prophet-T8 piano gets my vote. Surprisingly, no one has preserved this interesting sound in a youtube video yet.

  3. Thank you everybody. I'm working hard to get better results and these latest two days i've got them. This piano is sounding even better then the one you can listen in the video. The release is scheduled for Jan 2010.


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