Korg M3 Classic Beatboxes

Korg M3 Classic Beatboxes is a new sample library from Kid Nepro.

The new sample kit contains sounds from the TR808, TR909, CR78, Linn Drum and Simmons Drum Kit.

via KidNepro:

A demo from our M3 Hit Factory sound collection featuring our “Classic Beatbox” Drum Kit.

Beats from the combi titled “Retro Beatboxes”. No multi tracking. Everything was played live into my DAW.

Interesting Note: I filmed everything with my right hand while playing the pads, switches and sliders with my left. Now try that sometime!

Music & Video – Steve Proto ©1984-2009 – Kid Nepro Productions

More info on all our M3 sounds at: www.kidnepro.com

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