Sweet Deal: Applied Acoustic Systems Ultra Analog Synthesizer For $15

aas-ultra-analogaudioMIDI.com is offering Applied Acoustic Systems’ Ultra Analog software synthesizer for $15.00.

They’re calling it the no-brainer deal, because it’s 92% off the MSRP.


Ultra Analog is a unique and powerful 32-voice virtual analog synthesizer driven by two alias-free oscillators featuring standard waveforms, sub oscillators, hard sync, and integrated pitch envelopes. Two multimode filters with distortion are then applied to shape its sonic character. Finally, carefully chosen modulation options are provided by two syncable LFO’s, four loopable velocity-sensitive ADSR envelope generators and vibrato.

Ultra Analog is available for purchase via electronic serial number at this special price until 11/30/09 from www.audioMIDI.com.

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