The Avarus Battery-Powered Suitcase Synth Could Get You Strip Searched

This is a video demo of the Avarus battery-powered suitcase analog synthesizer.

It looks super sweet – unless you plan on flying – in which case you can plan on getting the full body cavity search if you try to take this on board.

The Avarus analog synthesizer is DIY project; a PCB kit may be made available.

Details at Denhaku. (Japanese site)

4 thoughts on “The Avarus Battery-Powered Suitcase Synth Could Get You Strip Searched

  1. Well … it happened to me a long time ago. It was 1990 (if i remember well) and one "Electroacoustics" professor at the Physics Department of our University gave me his Synthi AKS to take it home for a research project. On my way home, i was carrying it and tried to enter the building of a BIG Educational Institute (I will not tell you its name!) of my home city. I just wanted to use their library! While going through the door scanner, the alarms started screaming, the security guards stopped me, i opened the "case", they saw knobs, wires, pins, etc. they were horrified, they called more secuity officers, and i had to actually explain it AND give a demonstration of its use (thank god for the built in speakers!) to let me go free. One of them asked me if i was an "avant-guard" musician. Go figure.

  2. Is the security system you are talking about a wirless system? And I hear the celular based monitoring services are far more secure as there are no phone lines that can be cut. Great site, great range of content.

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